Posting 501, Whoo Hoo!

Financial Planning 501
I noted yesterday that I posted my 500th posting with very little fanfare (in fact I was trying to win a Wii from that Evil John Chow). My apologies, major events in life must be noted and celebrated (like the day you get out of debt, get as drunk as Tucker Max ). I have made over 500 postings, over the past 3 years, which I think is amazing and maybe a monument to futility as well, as I don’t think my financial planning has gotten that much better.

Over the past 3 years I have learned a lot about blogging in specific, and financial stuff in general from a lot of the web sites that I talk about, and from books I have read or been pointed to. There are some amazing financial minds out there (just look at my links list for my preferred authors), and you should read lots of them to get ideas, that is where I get a lot of mine from.

I seem to have lasted longer than Rosie the Magazine, and “New Coke” so I guess that is a good thing? Hopefully I will be index’ed by Google again, I seem to have disappeared from the Index, which is annoying. Stay tuned, more financial “clap trap” to come!


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