Did you get your taxes in?

I forgot to remind you yesterday, “Sorry ’bout that chief!” (to quote Maxwell Smart), but if you owed money (in Canada) you needed to have your tax return in the mail by midnight last night. In Ottawa we have the luxury of having a tax office here, so I think they have someone picking up ’til midnight, so for all you procrastinators, you could have got it in last night! Now remember that deadline is if you OWE money to the government, if you don’t the tax folks don’t really care (especially if they owe you money), but if the government owes you money, why wouldn’t you want it?I always thought a shoe phone might be a great invention to try to sell as a novelty, but I suspect that there is a patent on it already.

Given we tried to limit our eating in restaurants this past weekend, Stats Canada has just published is topical: Sales in Restaurants and that ilk of business is up 2.4% over last year at this time. Good for the Food Services industry! Always glad to see a business continue to flourish, however, folks, that’s your money. Eating out is one of the biggest “luxury” expenses all families have (including my own) and one of the areas where you should control your spending. Growing up I remember going out for dinner or ordering in being something “special”, it just doesn’t seem to be any more, for our generation (yes I am very old too).


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  • NFtoBC May 1, 2007, 6:47 AM

    Yes, but just think about how many frugal Canadians the hospitality industry creates!

    The low wages & benefits and limited hours leave many of these individuals in a subsistence position, unable to meet their current of future financial needs.

  • Big Cajun Man May 1, 2007, 6:57 AM

    Agreed. I guess if they could outsource to India they would, but then again, how would they do that?



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