Sometimes Even a good plan..

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Yes, even well planned out lives have a few glitches, just like financial planning (just remember to get back to it, and remember what went wrong the last time). Learn from your mistakes and you’ll be much smarter! Financial mistakes happen, learning from them is all you can do.

financial mistakes happen
Next time close the basket if you want coffee

I give you an interesting example of my own mistake. I set up the coffee maker, I put the water in, I put the coffee in, I set the timer for the coffee to start making while I was out walking my dog, however, I forgot to slide the basket back in! Luckily my coffee maker didn’t dump the water all over my counter (and I was able to reset it and I am now enjoying my coffee).

Financial Mistakes Happen?

Planning is important, financial mistakes happen , no matter how well we plan them. Financial mistakes happen insidiously, like forgetting to pay a bill on time, or not reading the terms and conditions on a purchase agreement. It is imperative to learn from these errors.


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