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One of the few spending things I do, which I don’t grouse about (and actually get upset when I don’t spend enough) is giving to my Church. No I don’t tithe (for those that don’t know tithing is giving 10% of your salary to the Church), but I do give as much as I can. Why? I can see my money at work in the Parrish which makes me feel good. A side benefit of this, is I get tax money back as well (so there is a long theological argument that can be had about giving and not getting a receipt, but I’ll save that for any religious blogs I might start-up). This year most of my tax refund was due to the givings to the church, which is nice to get back.

Very True

You don’t go to church? OK, that’s cool, but is there an organization in your area which could use your money (not just the United Way)? There are a lot of charitable organizations in the Ottawa area that could use your money, and put it to very good use (and you still get to write that money off too, so you get to enjoy it a little bit too). When I first started working in Ottawa my office was across the street from the Shepherds of Good Hope, and it humbles you to be making a good salary and to see the homeless just across the street.

Look around, it’s something you can do for your community, and it helps out your finances as well (but remember to give as much as you CAN don’t put yourself into a financial bind, either).

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