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Taxes, taxes, taxes….

I seem to be on a bit of a “bender” regarding the Canadian tax system lately, but I have been paying taxes, employment insurance and Canada Pension Plan payments for more than 20 years, and I don’t get much back from this. Now, I do not wish to dip into the Employment Insurance payments I have made, but I hope that when (or if) I retire, there will be a Canada Pension Plan. An excellent book that discusses the Pension system is Free Parking (2nd Edition) by Alan Dickson. Well worth having a read (because it is SO contrary to ALL of the other financial analysts out there). Even if you don’t agree with the contrary positions to your opinions, it is good to know what their argument is (and I am not sure that I disagree with Mr. Dickson, either).

Ottawa is abuzz with pre-Election fever, so remember, if you want the system to change, NOW is your chance. Call your Member of Parliament, or better still, call his or her opponent and put forth YOUR opinions. BE HEARD!!!

You can forward my blogs to them via e-mail (the little envelope icon at the bottom of each entry means you can e-mail it to someone in specific so that COULD be your MP!). I don’t mind being quoted if it changes the system.

You don’t get to complain later if you don’t do something now!

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