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April 2005

Debt Subliminal

Invest or Pay Debt?

A very good question that most mutual Fund Salesman Financial Planners don’t always talk about, is it better to Invest or pay debt? (where invest usually means buy Mutual Funds for your RRSP or TFSA)… Read More »Invest or Pay Debt?

Taxes, taxes, taxes….

I seem to be on a bit of a “bender” regarding the Canadian tax system lately, but I have been paying taxes, employment insurance and Canada Pension Plan payments for more than 20 years, and… Read More »Taxes, taxes, taxes….

My Spouse is Worth How Much?

This piece was originally written in 2005 so the numbers aren’t quite right currently, but the sentiment is correct. Figuring out my spouse is worth how much isn’t that hard these days. So, we now… Read More »My Spouse is Worth How Much?

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