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If I Donated $25 a week

Let’s ask one more interesting question about what would be the impact of them if they donated $25 a week to their favorite charity?

Salary of $100,000 Gives $1250 Last Year

If they gave $25 a week for 50 weeks, the total would be $1250 of their money working in their community or somewhere else helping people and communities, good for him or her, but what would the impact be on their taxes? (it is the same for single income, single or married, sorry folks, no breaks for any of us, other than this (remember this is for someone in Ontario now, not sure about anywhere else)).

If this person didn’t give (and made $100,000 a year) their taxes were: $29,952

If this person gave $1250, their taxes would then be : $29,414 {at least that is what my Quicktax program says}

So this person has donated $1250 (after tax money) but gets $538 in tax credits for their service. Not too shabby, so they are really only out-of-pocket: $712


Give what you can to whatever Charity you think deserves it, and enjoy the tax breaks as well (it’s not a sin to take your fair tax benefits of giving, that’s the way the system is set up, (see Mark 12:17 for details)(that’s your Sunday Bible study for the day)).

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  1. financialsamurai

    One of the best things about the giving to the Yakezie Scholarship fund is that you get to SEE where the money goes, and participate in whom it goes too. Reading the applicant’s essays in a week’s time will be great!

    Cheers, Sam

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