Home Entertainment Costs

So last year (when I had two incomes, and a few less liabilities) my home entertainment was great, I had a Rogers Digital PVR box (I got it for the NHL playoffs and I kept it after that). I subscribed to the Movie Networks and the extra digital networks (I really like BBC Canada), and it was great. I was watching on a crappier older TV but that was just fine.

How much was I paying a month for this? Let’s just check my Quicken records, which said I paid: $114.86 per month

That is not an insignificant stack of change really, over a year that would be over $1300.00, which is actually more than buying a new TV would have cost me.

Now to be fair to our friends at Rogers Cable (and Bell ExpressVu, Cogeco, Shaw and the rest), WE (the consumers) are paying for this, they are merely supplying it. We have a choice, which I will elaborate on now.

What do I pay now that I have sent back my fancy PVR? About $55.00 per month or around $660, which is about HALF of the other package. Am I happy about this? No, I’d much rather have the other package with the PVR, and the nice channels, but I can use the $600 I saved on other things now too!

Conclusion: Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to save some money, but it’s better for you in the long run!


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