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I was trying to figure out what the family could do while on vacation next week and I looked around at a few places to see how much this might cost, and saw the following:

  • At La Ronde(a Six Flags associated amusement park in Montreal), if I and my 3 daughters went for the day, this would cost around $140 with parking included (3 adults one kid under 12). If my wife comes kick another $35 (not including food and such). So about $175.00 for a day (I am not ragging on La Ronde, we have been there and the kids like going there, I am just using them as an example).
    • If I buy a season pass I can then go to Darian Lake’s six flags park, and that would cost about: $400, I figure, but I could be wrong. The family passport doesn’t fit my family any more, oh well.
    • There are also discounts available if you buy your tickets earlier, but not much.
  • Paramount Canada’s Wonderlandwould cost you around $290 for the day (not including food, parking, etc.,).
    • A set of season passes would cost around $390.00
  • Marineland in Niagarais going to cost us somewhere around $220.00 (parking is free, but food is not).
    • The one nice thing about Marineland is for an extra $25.00, you now have season passes (which is nice).

What does this really mean? Man it’s expensive to go to a theme park these days, holy cow!!! Now that I have this information, I need to confab with the family and see whether this is the choice, or whether we look for a nice beach and spend the day there, or go to a movie, or many other family things that are a little cheaper.

Why is it I end up spending so much on vacations, that I start out thinking are frugal?

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