Humorous Rant: More Beer and Pretzels please…

in Child Tax Credit

Well the first GAFF of the election campaign on a topic near and dear to my heart, and for us beer swilling, popcorn chomping parents of toddlers, none too soon either.

“Don’t give people 25 bucks a week to blow on beer and popcorn,” Reid said during a panel discussion on CBC News: Sunday. “Give them child-care spaces that work. Stephen Harper’s plan has nothing to do with child care.”

I’d like to say for all the other Coors swilling parents, I represent that remark! This is why I love elections, when people who shouldn’t speak in public are forced out and make the remarks that are REALLY on their mind. Mr. Reid feels that we parents of young children can’t be trusted to use moneys given to us on Daycare (which some of us, don’t need), and we might squander it on things like Food, or Rent, shame on us! We should allow the government to spend their money (wait a minute that’s OUR money) on what we need. Good for them (for those of you without your sarcasm filters on, please read the previous paragraph with a very sarcastic tone).

Mr. Reid is evidently profusely apologizing for saying what he thought, which contradicts his bosses point of view (or does it?). I don’t see why he should apologize, if that is his opinion, opinions are what I like hearing (whether I agree with them or not). That way, I know what people are thinking, and now I know that the Prime Minister’s Communication person thinks, I can’t be trusted to spend $100 a month on my son, ok, sounds fair.

No, this is not a PRO-Conservative blog, nor a PRO-Liberal or even a PRO-Rhinoceros blog, rest assured, I will attempt to find other fun and humorous points to discuss during this election campaign, and believe me dear reader, there are going to be MANY more to come.

Keep a smile during this festive season, and remember to ask the questions you want answered, but remember to put down your beer when the candidates come to your door, but you could offer them some popcorn.


  • Chuck January 15, 2007, 9:20 PM

    Did you hear snap, crackle, pop when the beer hit the keyboard.
    You didn’t I did.

  • SOH December 13, 2005, 6:26 AM

    I’d leave a comment but I just spilled my beer all over the keyboard (hic*) and my fingers are all covered in popcorn butter.

    P.S. I see you are a featured Waterloo grad this month!


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