Snow Day!

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Winter has finally come in all it’s glory and force to Ottawa. Great storm, not really that bad, but all those folks who seem to think All Season tires work fine in snow are learning how well this hypothesis works in application.

So here is an interesting question, if you live in the Northern part of the Northern Hemisphere, how do you get your snow removed?

  • Heave it yourself using a trusty shovel, or scoop?
  • Have a burly son or sons who heave it for you?
  • Hire someone to clear the snow from your driveway?
  • Have a snowblower (like me)

All of these have economic expense, but it all boils down to what you are willing to pay. I paid about $800 for my snowblower 6 years ago, I have had it overhauled once for about $110. How many times have I used it? That’s hard to say, but I bought it at my old house which had a single car driveway but moved to a house with a double car driveway.

My guess is I have used the blower about 90 times in these 6 years or so, which makes it about $10 a use (now that is not including gasoline costs). I also like using the blower, because as a kid my Dad made me shovel the driveway, and I hated it. When I cleared the driveway myself, I got very sore the next day as well (when I got older).

We had a contractor do our driveways one year, but then you run into funny rules about how much snow is enough to make them come and clear it, how many times they clear on a snowy day, etc.,. Now some of the contractors offer money back if they don’t come enough times (say 10 times), which is neat too, but I like to have the snow cleared when I want it cleared, not when someone can get to my house.

What’s the best way of doing this? Well, given my son is only 9 months old, I can’t send him out yet, so I am happy with my snowblower, but for you other options may be optimal.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

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