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This week’s concept of Spring as a new beginning is useful for all aspects of your life, but particularly in the area of finances. I find that if I try to start something new financially if I don’t have a significant event to tie it to, the goal sometimes gets lost, or any progress is not easily measured, so do try to start something new this Spring.

Getting your car in shape is a good idea, given that gasoline is back to 99 cents a liter here. Getting your snow tires off (they don’t help your mileage with no snow on the road), get a tune up, which helps your car run a little more frugally too. Simply changing the oil and air filter is a good thing to do in the spring (when was the last time I did that on my ’94 Accord? Oh, dear, better get that done myself).

You could buy a hybrid, but if you watch South Park you’ll know the dangers of SMUG from the hybrid cars as well :-).

A final car thing would be to shop around for a better quote for your car insurance. My insurance renews in the Spring, and it is always too late for me, if I wait to get a quote. Get three quotes and choose the best one, save yourself some money!


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