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Tip: Scan those bills

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Yes, I am saying look at your bills closely and make sure you understand the charges you are paying for, but also if you have a scanner for your computer, SCAN your bills, and use that as your permanent record.

I have always found that filing paper just gives me the chance to start “filing by pile” and soon the “pile” becomes a “heap” which in turn becomes a mountain of paper, which I eventually spend hours sifting through, which is something I am loath to do.

I have started to scan my bills (again, I did this a couple of years ago), and if I feel I have too big a “build up” on my PC, I can simply make an archive CD of the data and store that somewhere safe. This image has allowed me to compare what I was paying for Natural Gas two years ago and today and see:

  • Last year at this time I was paying 23.41 cents/cubic meter
  • This year I am paying 41.19 cents/cubic meter

Isn’t that great? No, I am not saying it is great that my Natural Gas charges have gone up almost 100% over 1 year, but I now KNOW I am being gouged, isn’t that great? No, it’s not, but being informed makes you do things.


  • Anonymous April 21, 2006, 6:04 PM

    That’s one idea, however as I don’t have a CD burner, I put 13 file folders in my desk drawer (actually an IKEA flie cabinet). Twelve of the folders are labeled with the months, and the final one is labeled “Taxes”. When a bill is paid (usually through on-line banking) the paper goes in the appropriate file.

    Once my taxes are finished for the year, and any tax return received, the whole works goes in a Banker’s Box ™ in the basement.

    Although this is not perfect, it has worked well, and was instrumental in a successful challenge of CRA refusing my moving expenses last year.



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