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Yes indeed, another happy subject, but still an important one. Disability insurance will up your workmen’s compensation or the like up to a higher level (I believe in Canada long term disability is only 50% of your pay). I pay through the nose for this insurance (no this is not cheap), but I do because I am in the Sweet Spot for disability insurance (i.e. Male between 45 and 55). I am prime for a stroke, heart attack, or other nasty health problems, thus I PAY, but I view it as worthwhile.

This type of insurance is for your family, and can your family live on 50% of your pay, while you are recovering from whatever medical mishap you have? If the answer is YES then don’t worry about this insurance, if no, then get this insurance. If your answer is “I don’t know”, maybe figure that one out? As with all insurances you need to figure out WHY you want this insurance and who it is for.

I am recovering from a wicked flu that my kids brought home. I HATE being sick, I think even with insurance to help my family out they might go insane if I am bed ridden and at home for a long period (or my bed might end up in the back yard). I am one grumpy sick guy.

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