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I have returned from a whirlwind tour of the Left Coast, I have fresh new interesting perspectives on traveling and how it has changed (and what you get for your money), but that is for another day.

  • This week’s main topic is the price of having healthy kids. My point was that it is not easy to be frugal and continue to have healthy kids (if I wasn’t clear enough). I don’t begrudge paying the money, but sometimes you need to know where the money is going to be able to control it, so this week was another me learning about what I do with my money by writing about something in my life (if you get my drift).
  • Bank of Montreal is really off this week which asks the question, is this a trend, or a buying opportunity? Sounds like they have been playing “silly games” to try to make some extra cash, and have gotten burned on Natural Gas (sorry could not help the pun). I hold this stock but mostly for dividends, it sky rocketing in value is a nice plus (but I bought it 4 years ago too).
  • Apologies for the tardy post today, but I may not be posting on Monday either, given it is a holiday, and I will show solidarity with the Working Proletariat on Labour Day (we will then be able to Control the Means of Production).
  • It is the end of the month, have you paid all your bills? How did your financial plan work this month? Go back and check, you might surprise yourself.

Enjoy this long weekend, which signifies the beginning of the Christmas season (well at least Thanksgiving).

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