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Patience Can Pay Well

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A case study for you from my weekend.

Patience has it’s Payback

I arranged to rent a Van on Sunday to move some furniture from my parents house and from a friends house to my place (very green of me, recycling furniture (or very cheap, I am not sure which)).

When I arrived Sunday to pick up the van I noted 2 vans on the lot and the line up inside had 5 groups of people, which got me a little worried. The first two groups were getting Cube vans, and were on their merry way, but when the third group asked for a Van, I got a sinking sensation. When the lone employee stepped out to check the Van he was renting was usable, I asked the remaining person in line with me whether he was getting a van as well? He at first wouldn’t answer, and then said, that Yes he was. My heart sunk. This was the end of the month, so it was not likely that there were other Econoline Vans available, and I thought I was completely snookered.

Out of a feeling of despair I announced to the Rental Employee, “You wouldn’t happen to have a spare van sitting around somewhere here, would you?”. The young lad looked at me like I was a little “touched” but listened. I explained in a Calm and Patient tone what I surmised as what was happening. I didn’t raise my voice, or use expletives (as I have done in the past). The young man apologized that it looked like I might be correct but he was going to see what he could do for me.

This story continues for another 1/2 hour, so I won’t bore you with too many more details, but at the end of it, because I was patient with the young man at the rental agency, AND I talked to the folks in line with me I ended up with:

  • A van to rent (which was my main goal). One was returned as we discussed and haggled.
  • A much lower rental fee on this van.
  • Four times the usual free mileage.
  • A thank you from the rental chap for being patient (and although he didn’t say it, it was certainly implied) and for not being a “richard” head.

Remember the folks working in the service world have a lot of “doo doo” to deal with, so if you stand up for your self, without being rude or offensive, you might be surprised just how much they can do for you. This could mean putting money BACK in your pocket, so remember, Patience can pay well!

One other interesting thing I learned is that if you are renting a Moving Truck or even a panel van like I was, your credit card “insurance” that you assume is there for a car rental, is NOT (at least in Canada). I ended up buying the insurance on the van, after the employee (and a chap in line who had called his insurance company) confirmed this was the case. Be warned folks.


  • Big Cajun Man October 2, 2007, 2:31 AM

    No, Credit Card insurance does not cover a Rental of a Commercial vehicle such as a moving van, or an econo-line van.

    I was told in fact some insurances don’t cover SUV’s and Passenger Vans also, because the insurance claims to be CAR insurance, however, I am skeptical about that one.

  • nancy (aka money coach) October 1, 2007, 9:55 PM

    HUH?!? Credit card insurance doesn’t cover car rentals in Canada??


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