What does the new week bring?

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Good question after the past couple of weeks, asking that question might not be the question to ask, the question might be, “How bad is it going to be this week?”, especially on the financial markets. I have no advice or wisdom for you right now, I simply watch and ask questions and simply react to what happens. Maybe it’s best to follow the Lawyer’s credo, “Never ask any question you don’t know the answer to before hand”.

Cash is Still King

On the personal finance side (micro) we (Mrs. C8j and I) continue to live with the credo “cash is king” and continue to keep our credit cards out of our wallets. How long we can keep this up, I don’t know, but for now, it is important not to allow any credit “build up” to occur thus causing financial haemorrhaging, as we have seen in the past.

More cash is appearing from transferring work related savings vehicles into our own RRSP and savings vehicles, so again, we have decisions to make about WHAT to invest in and WHEN to do that investing. For now, I am in a “wait and see” mode, since I still have little confidence in the current economic apocalypse.

Top 100 Employers in Canada?

Given I am still looking for a job, folks send me interesting information, and one I received from my mother. Evidently there is a company that rates the Top 100 Employers In Canada, with details about every company and why they are such good companies to work for. The information is interesting and is mostly on the “macro” level (i.e. benefits and such), and not much about the work environment itself, but still very useful information to have when searching for a job. Strangely my former employer is not mentioned, curious.

I am not that picky right now, I’ll take work, and not worry as much about whether there is subsidized maternity leave (given it doesn’t really matter to me either).


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