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No LCBO Strike

The LCBO and their union decided not to turn off the liquor spigot, and thus the mad rush on Tuesday simply meant that the shelves on Wednesday needed a lot of restocking (and lots of profits for the LCBO as well). For those who rushed out, guess you can have a BIG party for Canada Day, or you can keep your stockpile, for another holiday? There is a tentative deal in place and now we can all look forward to a boozy summer (whoo hoo!).

Unfortunately for Toronto their strike continues on and their garbage continues to stack up. With the heat this week, might make for some very aromatic issues in Toronto.

U.S. Interest Rates Stay the Same

Interest rates in the U.S. will stay the same for now, said the Federal Reserve on Wednesday.

The prices of energy and other commodities have risen of late. However, substantial resource slack is likely to dampen cost pressures, and the Committee expects that inflation will remain subdued for some time.

Good to hear, but energy prices going back up is going to whiplash on food prices as well, so inflation being low may be wishful thinking on their part.


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