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Busy Weekend and a busy week

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A very busy weekend for all of us and for me in particular:

  1. The Winter Olympics started on Friday night, interesting to see the “Winter” Olympics in a city with no snow and it is 10 Celsius, oh well.
  2. Valentine’s Day, but we have talked about it’s significance to Personal Finance
  3. The Chinese Year of the Tiger began, and my question is, is it a tradition with the Chinese New Year to make resolutions? Happy New Year!
  4. My parents celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary, which is the most significant part of the weekend.

In the coming week there will be lots more interesting things happening:

  • It is “Family Day” in Ontario and lots of folks have today off, I don’t being a Federal Employee.
  • Lent begins on Wednesday, an excellent time to start a new Personal Finance adventure.
  • Stats Canada announces their Inflation numbers for January on Thursday.
  • Shrove Tuesday means you should also get out and have some pancakes too!
  • RRSP and Tax Season continues on

Tax Season

I await the delivery of most of the documentation I need to complete my taxes. I know that this year I will actually be getting tax back (at least that is my guess, I might be wrong), so I am eager to get my taxes submitted (electronically). For those who have RRSP room, or extra cash, they should be weighing the decision about whether to put their money in a TFSA or into an RRSP (or a spousal RRSP), which makes this season stressful as well.

There are some excellent articles out there comparing and contrasting whether you should be using an RRSP for your long term savings goals or a TFSA, and I encourage you to read other financial blogs and articles to figure out what decision is best for you (my guess is this is a personal decision, and there is no real “cut and dry” decision point that everyone can use).

Your T-4’s should arrive some time soon, but make sure you know what forms you will need for your taxes as well.

The Go Go 90’s

Frontline on PBS has an excellent video about someone who tried to cry Wolf, before the great melt-down. The lady who said Greenspan was wrong.


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