Random Thoughts: Happy Earth Day!

OK I am a day late

Yes, Earth Day came and went yesterday with nary a post by anyone about saving our Mother Earth. Given the rabid Green movement these days, having an Earth Day seems a little anti-climactic. We have Hybrid cars, Composting Garbage pick ups, and other major steps in the right direction, but we also have the bottled water craze which is pumping out more waste (in empty bottles) than anyone could have imagined. Bottled water if you live in Canada or the U.S. seems a little silly, given tap water is usually just fine (unless you live in Love Canal or places like that), but remember you need to have a metal water bottle (until they realize that solder leaching out of these bottles may cause cancer).

Remember the bad old days of the pull tab on cans (that you threw away)? Those were the days.

What’s new in the financial blog-o-sphere? More of the same old, but remember, Taxes are due, and interest rates are poised to jump a lot in the next few months as well.

Enjoy the spring, get some fresh air, and tomorrow an excellent off topic video about de-bunking psychics from Ted.com!


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