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Doodling to Expand Your Financial Mind?

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One of my favorite recollections of my Father was his doodles, when he got bored in meetings he would create these astoundingly complex doodles (usually very geometric (i.e. not just free-form squiggles, lots of geometric shapes)). There was a picture of him in a local paper sitting at his desk, and in the foreground you could see a pad of paper that he had been working on and you could see a small glimpse of yet another one of his doodles, which for some reason he was embarrassed about, but I always thought they were cool.

Little did I know he was actually expanding his mind while he did this!

Studies show that sketching and doodling improve our comprehension — and our creative thinking. So why do we still feel embarrassed when we’re caught doodling in a meeting? Sunni Brown says:  Doodlers, unite! She makes the case for unlocking your brain via pad and pen.

I think I may start doodling more, not just as a way to remember my Dad.


  • Doctor Stock October 2, 2011, 12:46 AM

    Does drawing on stock charts count as doodling? I used to think those kids that were doodling weren’t paying attention… but they were… and apparently, they’re smart!

    • bigcajunman October 2, 2011, 5:31 AM

      As long as you are drawing a monster eating a pie chart then, yes it could be…

  • krantcents October 1, 2011, 9:35 AM

    Little did I know that making drawings enhanced my thinking!


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