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Big Cajun Bus Man

I have finally joined the great unwashed masses of the bus commuters here in Ottawa (the unwashed masses is not my phrase, I borrow it from another blogger).

The fact that I will be on training downtown (for an extended period of time) made me go back to my equation on whether I should take the bus or drive to my course.

The equation is quite simple (I have even alluded to it previously):

Total Monthly Cost Driving = (Daily parking charge * 22 days) + (Cost of insurance/12) + (Monthly Gas Costs) – f(Convenience Constant for Driving )

Now the cost of an Express bus pass here in Ottawa is $116.00 for the Express routes, and from what I saw this morning, I think I want to take the Express buses (much quicker and seem to be less full (may change, who knows)), thus the driving equation needs to be somewhere close to $116.00, but for now it is NOWHERE near that value.

Parking alone downtown is at least $10 a day and the cheapest monthly pass I could find is $200, so I guess I am riding the bus for the next little while. The added bonus is that next year I get to write this off on my taxes (next year) as well (remember that one for your taxes this year as well).

Oh and as a FYI f(Convenience Constant for Driving ) is a function which returns how much I am willing to pay for taking the bus that takes into consideration convenience and how long the trip takes, but given the bus seems to be somewhat close to how long it would take me to drive downtown (with no traffic), I think the function is actually a non-factor in the equation.

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  1. For me the convenience constant actually tilts in favour of public transit for commuter trips, because I can read on the subway and let my thoughts wander on the bus. But I remember taking Ottawa buses in the winter, and they were often too crowded and swaying for reading to work.

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