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Turbo Tax Giveaway Time Again

Yes, this year I have had 3 on line licenses for Turbotax donated to me, and I would like to give them to you, good reader, as a way of saying, Thanks for hanging around.

As with all normal Canadian Giveaways, there will be a skill testing question, and this year is no different, so to win you must leave a comment (on this post) answering the following skill testing question:

Q: Prove that you have the skill of writing the English language by writing a sentence (in quotes to prove this is the sentence you want me to check the skill on) stating, Why the Canajun Finances Web Site doesn’t suck as badly as other financial sites. If you leave a comment (in quotes) of this format (and remember to leave a VALID e-mail address I have more than once had “winners” who I couldn’t contact) and leave the e-mail address in the comment form, not in the comment (don’t need your info snarf’ed either), you could WIN one of the licenses.

Tax season has begun and with that a chance to win stuff, doesn’t that make this site suck less than other financial sites?

Disclaimers & Clarifications: 

  1. This is ON LINE Turbo Tax, you will receive a registration code from me via e-mail, Standard Edition, I am assuming too.
  2. If you don’t include an e-mail address or a quote in your comment, you can’t win (it’s that simple)
  3. I am not making anything on this one, didn’t even get a free copy for myself, I’ll go buy one for me.
  4. I also won’t be part of the Turbo Tax affiliate program either
  5. Winner will be announced on Friday February 15th, 2013 on that day’s post.

Feel Free to Comment

  1. “Canajun finances is unique because of the personal insight into one person’s plans for solving his own financial issues, not just his opinions on what everyone else should be doing. It is so much easier to connect with an opinion when there is a more personal face to the advice”

  2. “The Canajun Finances Web Site doesn’t suck as badly as other financial sites because it is interesting!”

  3. “The Canajun Finances website/blog doesn’t suck as bad as other because it has a Canadian slant towards finances that makes sense to the average Canadian.”

  4. “Sometimes you need to be crazy to make a difference. Big Cajunman from Canajun Finances writes his own quality material from lessons he’s learned in his travels and he reads every comment posted on his site. He doesn’t farm out his content to a novice or pay someone to reply to comments for him. These days, that’s just crazy, crazy enough that I keep coming back to read more.”

  5. “The Canajun Finances Web Site doesn’t suck as badly as other financial sites because it is informative as well as very entertaining… plus we get to win stuff!“

  6. “The Canjun Finances Web Site doesn’t suck as badly as other financial sites because he injects humour into personal finance teachings and he is giving away free Turbo Tax.”

  7. “Canajun finances is a refreshing change from so many other PF websites which all seem to blur into one message after a while – there’s only so much one can write and read ad absorb about RRSP’s and ETF’s etc. BCM dares to be different, writing with a very personal touch, often in a non conventional way, and as a result his writings have a n entertainment value lacking in other such websites”

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