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Live Now Pay Later

Sounds like a title of something I would write, isn’t it, however I am actually borrowing that title from a film which starred Ian Hendry, yes “Live Now Pay Later” is actually available on YouTube to watch.

Live Now Pay Later

The movie was made in 1962 and was a commentary (satire?) on going from a very Frugal Saving Society which Britain was at the time (rationing hadn’t been over for that long) to a full consumer society, which in some ways is the opposite of where we stand right now in North America (and possibly worldwide).

The title is almost the title for the past 15 years, with the continuing growth of consumer debt, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Live Now Pay Later was the catch-phrase for any of the credit cards out there.

If all you do, listen to the Theme music at the start of the movie, it’s chilling how descriptive it is to today’s society, and the movie is over 50 years old! The only reason I even know of this movie is it was on the BBC once when I was visiting my Aunt in the 70’s.

If your personal finance credo is, Live Now Pay Later, you are digging a hole that you may never be able to fill back in.

The Actual Movie

Yes, this is the actual movie as posted by Ian Hendry.

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