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Personal Finance Tweets of the Week (End of Summer)

Haven’t done this for a while, but here are some of the more interesting financial (and other) tweets that I saw this week. Interesting that Twitter has also removed the 144 character limit on direct messages, so it has now become a full messaging system too.

Agreed, Debt is Bad

I really liked this one, it was condemning the banks trying to encourage folks to build up more debt? Say what?

Well that lets me out…

Uh oh, what about 54 year olds?

I guess the only advice that I can give is, just don’t look, or just don’t care?

What is the best way to teach kids about money? My 2 cents worth is there as well.

Famsac does very good work

Glad to see the FAMSAC food truck rally went well last week. Evidently my Doppelganger (Mayor Watson) was there as well.

You need a reason?

Remember you are not attached at the hip to your bank, if you can get a better deal, get it!

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