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Your Rogers VIP Points will be Worthless Soon

Not that they were worth that much to begin with, but a while back Rogers pointed out that they will be shuttering their Rogers First Rewards program in June 2016. It is pretty sad when the program will have a life of less than 3 years, but so be it, maybe they will come up with something much better? 😂

Customer Retention
With no Reward System?

For folks like me who have their Internet and TV with Rogers (for the moment, once I get a hold of the customer retention team I will need to get a better deal or leave) have a fair amount of points built up over the past while, so we should make sure that we spend the darn things, so me and the Mrs. will be watching the movie network for free for a few months (since we don’t have enough points to get a cash back reward on our bills).

I am confident that Rogers will come up with a much better and much more exciting rewards system (sarcasm) for their valued customers.

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  1. Do you have Telus in your area? I have my satellite TV, high speed internet and land line bundled with them. I call their loyalty dept annually to ensure I retain, at least, all promotional pricing. They’re very approachable and have given me exceptional service. And no, I don’t work for them…lol

    1. I was wondering about the “equal usage” rules that were being discussed by the CRTC that would allow ANY Cable company to use the existing Cable Infrastructure (i.e. Cogeco could offer Cable in Ottawa, etc.,), but maybe it is time to just cut the damn wire? We shall see.

    1. Yes!

      I never signed up for this program because it would have meant losing the discount I received on bundling my services. (Or so I was told). Looks like I was better off keeping as much of my cash as possible.

      I only participate in a couple of points programs and I don’t let the points get too high. Might as well use them up while they’re worth something.

  2. Rogers are not the best of corporate citizens. Many have decided to boycott them because of their shoddy treatment of the Toronto Argonauts and CFL.

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