Covid-19, Stay Home and #MoneyTalk

I haven’t done this for a while, but I do have a little more free time. So let’s start with the best joke about this year so far.

I’d like to return this year (2020), I don’t like it and it isn’t doing what I want. It is within 90 days and I expect a full refund, or at least store credit.

The 2020 Dad Joke

How are you all doing? I hope you are doing well, and if you are still working, I say Thank You for that.

If you are not essential, STAY HOME! This is what you can do for your loved ones and yourself, STAY HOME! I cannot visit my Mother or brother because I could kill them, I don’t know if I have been exposed or am a carrier, so I STAY AWAY. I want to see them, but I know I could kill them, so I stay away.

Toilet Paper?

So the one thing I will remember about this vividly will be the folks who have hoarded Toilet Paper. I hope that they have to use all that toilet paper quickly. Remember, COVID-19 attacks your lungs. It is not stomach flu. On this date (March 27th), I continued to look for another pack of TP, but Costco was out.

It feels like an episode of M*A*S*H when their supply lines got cut. I suppose that makes me Klinger (or Frank Burns). Lighten up, folks, let’s let everyone wipe their derrières safely.

I also have heard from every place that ever asked for my email address (a HOTMAIL address that I usually ignore). Everyone is telling me how they are trying to help me be safe during these times. Thanks?

Past Writings

So it has been a long while since I have written one of these, so we have a long list to wander through.

There are more, but you can check them out on the site. As you can see, my writing rhythm may be returning (for good or bad)—hopefully, more from me in the coming weeks.

Financial Reads for Troubled Times

I give you an excellent reading list of articles to help you get through these troubled and worrying times.

Tweet of the Week

Squawkfox has not been around much for those who have not noticed because she has been battling cancer. She is a friend, and I hope you all send her good thoughts and love. She is one of the reasons you should stay home!

Oh, and if you are on Twitter, please add The Canadian Cyber Center. They are the Internet Watchdog, so watch them.

Video of the Week

Speaking of our old amigo Preet B. here is a helpful video with resources to help you out during these troubling times.

Thank you, Preet B!

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