Unemployment Spikes, Easter and #MoneyTalk

Stats Canada announced on the 9th a massive drop in the employment numbers with (March 2020) over 1,011,000 jobs lost and many other folks had significantly less hours worked. Increased jobless claims will continue to climb during this pandemic.

I have not seen a drop like this in my lifetime

The unemployment rate now runs at 7.8% (March 2020), and things will only get worse for the next few months, unfortunately. What will happen as jobless claims rise?

A few more weeks into the COVID19 Lockdown of 2020 and more folks are sick, more medical staff are burning out, and we are running out of supplies. Many folks seem to be refusing to believe the seriousness of the situation, and plan parties and meetings and such.

But, we will come through this. We will learn and hopefully all of us will be a little wiser (in life and with money as well).

Easter comes and it is a time of Hope and new beginnings, but those new beginnings may not be soon. For those upset that they cannot be with loved ones, remember why.

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