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Age of Retirement


RRSP Spectacular!

It is that magic time of the year, the RRSP spectacular super time where you are being rushed to put money into your RRSP for the tax year!

Birthday things to remember

What are the financial things you can do on your birthday ? Plenty, and maybe it is time to check some things that come due on your birthday.

Wow, I am Old

The working age of Canadians in 2008 was getting older, it would be interesting to find out if that has changed since then?

CPP is OK (for now)

It is not that likely that the CPP will fail, but it may not pay out as much as folks want in the future.

Pensions and Severance

Pensions and severance discussions come together, usually when you get laid off from your employer (if you have a pension). Be careful in these discussions.

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