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They Paid My Loan Off

“They paid my loan off” is what a co-worker told me, when he purchased a new vehicle. I have given up telling my co-workers things about finance (they don’t listen much). I knew what that… Read More »They Paid My Loan Off

Self-Driving Cars Will Change Things

Self-driving cars are going to change so many things both in terms of insurance, finances and even parking. It all depends on how it all rolls out.

Consolidation Loans Jump Starting Things ?

Are consolidation loans the financial savior that some folks espouse, or are they a dangerous tool that simply puts you on a financial death spiral ? Debt consolidation loan should be a tool of last recourse.

When To Let it Go

A while ago I had to decide about my car, about whether it was worth repairing it, or whether it was time to retire the old girl and look at another used car. For my… Read More »When To Let it Go

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