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2007 The Year That Was

For me 2007 has been a great year, but not necessarily in the financial areas I wished for, but that is not all life is about. With an end of year recap in mind, I… Read More »2007 The Year That Was

Friday Ramblings

Now that is my kind of Surplus! The feds announced today a whopping $14B Canadian. That is a whole lotta money to be running as a surplus, and makes me wonder why we are paying… Read More »Friday Ramblings

End of Week

Another week in May the year of our Lord 2005 ends and what have we found out? I should divorce my wife for tax reasons? My wife wants to know when this might happen and… Read More »End of Week

Libraries your Frugal Friend

Libraries your frugal friend , more and more the library is becoming a central hub for technology and internet access, look into it, you will be surprised.

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