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Charitable Donations

debt a moral issue

Stewardship or Charity with Kids

It is important to teach our children about stewardship and charity so they understand the importance and joy of the action in their lives.

More tax reminders

There are always tax reminders every year. What is important to you this year depends on where your financial life stands.

Two Days Left to End of Year

Is there time to get done all those end of year things financially that need to be done? Here is a quick list of some things to do.

Finance Advent Calendar: Day 15

What is the one thing during Advent we should be thinking about? Charity of course! Giving is the spirit of the season, so give to Charity.

Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 7

In Box 7 of the Advent Financial Calendar we find some interesting stuff, well worth opening, and collecting, for the future? Points, collect those points, and maybe use them to cushion the Christmas costs?

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