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Consumer Advocacy

Answer is Always No

Entitled or Mistreated Consumers ?

Are we mistreated consumers or are we entitled cry babies? I had one commenter (troll) complain that everyone wants a good deal, and that is bad? WTF?

The Dangers of Automatic Reloading

The dangers of automatically reloading your loyalty cards (like Starbucks) may not be obvious, but they are there. Try not to give out your credit card numbers “willy nilly”.

FUD Financial Messages

FUD financial messages look to create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in customers or in investors (to the advantage of bankers or investment firms).

Rampant Upselling

After sitting through another rampant upselling session from my local “Quick Oil Change” place, I have sworn I will not return, it is just too much. All I want is an Oil Change, I do… Read More »Rampant Upselling

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