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RRSP and Financial Learning

So today I had an excellent presentation about the financial aspects of my severance from my employer, by a C.A. who is also a Financial Planner. He brought up several fascinating points, one that I… Read More »RRSP and Financial Learning

Don’t forget your UCCB!

Another blast from the past, back in the day when my son was young enough to get the old UCCB system, just a reminder to declare the income! UCCB ? Yes, tax time is coming… Read More »Don’t forget your UCCB!

Tax Freedom Day?

Tax Freedom day for 2020 was May 19, which is a month earlier than from 2019? Taxes are dropping in Canada? I doubt it…

Tax Day!!!!

If it is tax day then pay your taxes , it is just that simple, or at least get your paperwork done, so you don’t pay penalties.

My Spouse is Worth How Much?

This piece was originally written in 2005 so the numbers aren’t quite right currently, but the sentiment is correct. Figuring out my spouse is worth how much isn’t that hard these days. So, we now… Read More »My Spouse is Worth How Much?

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