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e-series orders rejected

TD Mutual Funds to Directline?

How hard could it be to transfer funds from a TD Mutual Fund account to a TD Directline account? Surprisingly it is not as easy as it sounds.

e-series orders rejected

Adieu TD Mutual Fund Account

TD will be removing their E-series funds from their TD Mutual Fund accounts, in the near future. It does not mean the E-series funds are done, just that you can’t trade them in a TD Mutual Fund account.

Exposed on Banks

If you are a Canadian Index Investor you may be heavily exposed on Bank investments (or financial investments in general). You should look into this further, and figure out if you are comfortable being that invested in Financial Institutions.

e-series orders rejected

Risk Profiles and Rejected Orders

If you have a TD Mutual Funds account how do you do to stop having your e-series orders rejected ? It is not as easy as you would think, and it has to do with your TD Mutual Funds investment risk profile.

Index Investing Downsides

Even though I do Index Investing (mostly) I do realize that with all investing plans there are downsides. I read an interesting article in the Kiplinger magazine (by Elizabeth Leary) that talked about the obvious… Read More »Index Investing Downsides

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