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Mutual Funds

e-series orders rejected

Adieu TD Mutual Fund Account

TD will be removing their E-series funds from their TD Mutual Fund accounts, in the near future. It does not mean the E-series funds are done, just that you can’t trade them in a TD Mutual Fund account.

I Like My Money Like I Like My Coffee

An interesting piece of advice to follow, and it may not make sense to some, but it does make the point about wealth growth. Remember the 90’s credo about how profits didn’t matter? Was that right? Um, no…

MER : A Worm in the RESP Money Tree

The high MERs some folks pay for their kids’s RESP Mutual funds is truly the worm in the money tree, that is the Registered Education Savings Plan

Not Asking is Rejection by Default

If you do not ask or act on the things you should, you’re getting Rejection by Default as your response. Doing nothing isn’t the right choice

Index Investing Downsides

Even though I do Index Investing (mostly) I do realize that with all investing plans there are downsides. I read an interesting article in the Kiplinger magazine (by Elizabeth Leary) that talked about the obvious… Read More »Index Investing Downsides

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