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Leading Indicators

Covid-19 Are We Fucked

COVID-19 Are we F*cked ?

Are we financially f*cked with the COVID-19 Pandemic ? Right now, yes, but can we and the economy recover from this? That remains to be seen, maybe these are new times.

Indications Are Good Again

The financial magic 8 ball says indications are good again? Really? How does it know?

Indicators are OK

Our friends at Stats Canada published their Leading Indicators for August 2008 yesterday and things in the Canadian economy seem to be doing ok, not great, but not as bad as some might think. The… Read More »Indicators are OK

Statistics and Damn Lies

There are lies, damn lies, and stock predictions keeps running through my mind. Disraeli wasn’t far off on this thought. My understanding of the stock market is that it has no conscience and no memory.

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