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Use Your Calendar

Use your Calendar on your email system or on-line to make sure all of your bills get paid on time and so you don’t accidentally overdraft.

5 Financial Mistakes Rich Folks Make

Do rich folks make financial mistakes? Sometimes, but they have a lot more money to lose, and people to help them get it back, do you?

The Death of the Open Concept Office Space

With Covid-19 many of us are hoping this might be the death of the open concept office, is it just wishful thinking on my part? The CDC doesn’t like them, but I suspect they may keep going none the less.

Doomsday Finances

Doomsday finances? Are we at that point? No, but personal finance doomsday may happen for a lot of folks, due to these times.

COVID-19 Are we F*cked ?

Are we financially f*cked with the COVID-19 Pandemic ? Right now, yes, but can we and the economy recover from this? That remains to be seen, maybe these are new times.

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