Election 2015 Talk and Money Tweets for the Week

Written in 2015, just before the election. Good times…

The Canadian Election is finally within our grasp, but before that there will be plenty of interesting tweets about money and the economy that you should think about before you vote (if you have not voted already).

Heed this advice, make sure you can vote, if you do not vote, you are a fool, and you don’t get to complain. If you can’t vote, find out why, and remedy it.

Funny how in Canada we WANT people to vote, just saying…..

An actual bank offering robo-advisor services could be a good thing, unless it is programmed to act simply like a mutual fund salesman to buy their own mutual funds. Robo-advisors can be a good idea, but it is only as good as the programmers behind it and the policies and rules that it runs with.

Which version of COBOL is it running?

If you think compensation for top executives are somehow under control after the outrages from 2008, you would be sorrowly mistaken. Upper management takes care of their own, and shareholders are the only ones who are going to stop this insanity.

So you should aspire to be CIO ?

Remember, that teaching your children about money can never start too soon, as Kerry from Squawkfox proudly tells us

Good parenting always starts young

Given you have taught your children about money, I think the least they can do is take care of you in your old age?


One last thought from our friends at TVO (please support them), for those of you Planning for Your Retirement, do you know what you are using to exercise on, and where it came from?

Remember that one whilst running on yours


Greed and Tweets for the Week

At the end of most of the problems in this world you really can just point to greed (yes an oversimplification at first glance, but not in my opinion). The root of all evil is not money, the root of all evil is greed, plain and simple. To quote someone, “How many yachts do you need to water ski behind, to be happy?”.

With that in mind here are some of the more interesting money tweets from this first week of October.

Bit of a crossover to my technology & security site, but evidently Scottrade’s security breach has been going on for quite a long time. Are you a customer? Best go check and see how this affects you. How much does security cost, evidently for greedy folks it is an unnecessary luxury?

Friend of this site, and Money Media Maven Preet B. continues to multimedia work with the Globe and Mail pointing out what is important when it comes to choosing a credit card. Greed here? You don’t think credit card companies (i.e. banks) are not Greedy?

Which of the political parties will get power in the next election? Doesn’t seem obvious does it? Greed here? Politician isn’t synonymous with greedy person?

I think the Dalai Lama sums it up nicely for this list of greed tweets


Speaking of Money on Twitter

Canada is in the middle of the election that never ends, while the US hasn’t even started their infinite election campaign, but some people are not just talking about policy and hair, and here are some more interesting tweets that I saw this week, and maybe some folks you should add to your Twitter feed, so you can take advantage of their short points.

If the finance minister has problems in the election, he can always retire and become a personal finance blogger?

Ignorance when it comes to your credit is always a very worrisome thing to read about, and this is positively petrifying.

An interesting perspective from the New Yorker on the minimum wage debate

Mr. Nader does have a flair in his writing style that always makes it interesting to read his articles, this one is another cracker

I’ll include this one as a public service because no matter what you think of this inane election, you need to vote and have your voice heard.

A very interesting final thought for a Sunday, well not really, more an ironic view on maps


Money and Twitter Mixing

Another installment of the best financial tweets of the week. I continue to try to figure out whether I need to cut down the number of folks I follow or find a smarter way to get to the important tweets of the week.

Given this was a week with the Bank of Canada cutting interest rates, oil price shenanigans and King Abdullah’s passing the twitter verse did have a lot of interesting stuff.

The Media Maven of Money (Preet B.) started flexing his financial chops with a very interesting set of simulations to try to answer the time-honored question, is it better to buy your house, or rent and invest your money?

Is King Abdullah’s passing a sign of changes in the Middle East? That remains to be seen

This is why you should have the Bank of Canada on your Twitter Feed. You should read their policy stuff yourself, it’s not long and usually the “talking heads” leave major portions out.

Given gas is so darn cheap are you putting more money in your savings? One point of view of what is happening down south

Wasn’t 1-2-3-4-5 the password on Spaceballs? Yeh, some amazingly interesting passwords out there

Did you give over the holidays? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about that?

A bit of shameless self-promotion to end things off, I am on another list of bloggers you should read (along with some other interesting folk).


Best Financial on Twitter This Week

My Twitter feed is actually quite bloated, and it is getting harder to find good financial tweets these days, so I end up doing “Twitter research” for this piece and find tweets I didn’t even see go by. I am not sure if that is a condemnation of following too many twitter folk, or my not reading it enough.

Financial Tweets

I love reading about perfect storms, it is becoming such an overused descriptive, yes, one day someone will use it correctly, but will it this time? Larry MacDonald pointed me at this interesting one.

An outside of Canada view of the Target Canada debacle

I borrowed this one from Million Dollar Journey‘s twitter feed (yes you should add that feed to your Twitter too)

An interesting piece from the New York times about parents’ expectations about their children, professional sports and the cost (in money and emotions) spent on this “dream”. I remember John Amechi playing in the NBA, I am getting old

It’s always important to read (apparently) differing ideas about retirement and our friends at Forbes has an interesting title, but does the title reflect the story?

Not really financial but an interesting video of SpaceX trying to land their booster, the caption says it all

I’ll leave you with this one with no comment either


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