Bad Day on the Market

This was written in July 2008 just as the Markets started to crash. The Credit Fraud Market crash was astounding to live through. I was unlucky enough to be laid off during it as well. I look back on these kind of events, and shake my head when people attempt to paint them as “not that bad”. This was that bad.

Market Crash?

Figured I’d add my 2 cents to the fray of Bloggers talking about the problems on the Stock Market these past few weeks. Is this an opportunity to buy? Should we be selling? Is it time to crack open skulls and eat the goo inside? Don’t ask me, I am standing pat for now, and we shall see what happens. My portfolio is down a fair amount, but my feeling is, now is the time, just to “Not Look”. Remember most of my stock holdings are in an RRSP, and thus aren’t a short-term investment either. I am watching TD with intent.

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Q3 of 2008 for Personal Finance Started

For those of you doing a Quarterly Personal Finance report, remember that Q3 just started, and you might want to think about doing  your Q2 report. I have been procrastinating doing mine, but need to get it done, to see what happened in the past 3 months, and see if there are any changes needed in our financial plan.

Money in the Jars?

Gail Vaz-Oxlade‘s favorite trick with her problem spenders is putting her spenders on a set cash budget which she puts in glass jars for them. Mrs. C8j is thinking that might be an intriguing summer project, I am not so sure. I understand the concept, but am not sure it is something I can live with. Stay tuned this could turn into an interesting discussion (Mrs. C8j did convince me to go on a diet 6 years ago, and I lost 80 lbs., and I didn’t want to do that either).

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When Financial Bloggers Meet (part 2)

National Capital Financial Bloggers Association Meets Again

The bloggers that constitute the N.C.F.B.A. met again last night to discuss vital financial issues of our time, and to imbibe in some libations and devour chicken wings. Sounds a lot more formal than it was. These meetings are quite fun for me, since I get to learn a lot more about the Financial side of personal finance and get to hear other people’s stories about finances.

Please read these sites, they constitute an excellent financial planning and investing base to work from.

Random Musings for a Friday

  • The Loonie continues it’s roller coaster ride with it peaking around $1.10 US on Thursday and now a down turn being seen on the markets for Friday. Are you cross border shopping yet?
  • Stats Can says that Canadians are Investing More but where, is a better question?
  • The Canadian Capitalist talked about using the TD E-Series Mutual Funds in your RESPs, that I really need to look into.
  • I am off to a Pseudo Wedding Reception in Southern Ontario, so I may have some statements about the relative costs and is it a good idea to bankrupt yourself at the start of a relationship (or your parents)?
  • A major topic of conversation with the bloggers was the price of cars and how to buy a car. I am getting a “new to me” car on Monday, and am I getting a good deal? I have no idea.



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