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Always Put off Today…

Always put off today what you want to end up doing at either the most inconvenient or most inopportune time in your life. I learned this valuable lesson about procrastination, again, a week or two ago. My… Read More »Always Put off Today…

What does the 4th of July Mean?

What does the 4th of July mean to you? To us, it is a regular work day, or a hangover day to recover from Canada day, but to Americans it is special.

Spring To Do List

List or Sentence? One of the rights of spring in our home is to start up a list of the things around the house that need to be dealt with over the summer. The list… Read More »Spring To Do List

Top 10 Bad Financial Lists

My love of top 10 lists precludes me from talking about the top 10 bad financial lists, but maybe I can just hint at things?

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