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Random Thoughts

Job Hunting

Vaccines, Here Comes Christmas and #MoneyTalk

Christmas is coming, the goose may be getting fat, but we won’t be celebrating with each other over it this year. Maybe the Grinch can save us from #COVID ?

Job Hunting

COVID19 Opening Up, Middle Aged Canada and #MoneyTalk

The Median Age in Canada has not moved in a while, however, there sure are a lot of #Boomers out there and plenty of financial stories to go along with that increase in age. Can the economy survive COVID19 ?

Happy Canada Day #MoneyTalk

Celebrating Canada Day, under tight controls due to COVID19. Canada is doing OK for now, let’s keep up the good work. Is it a 5-day weekend now?!?

Fathers Day , COVID, Unsubscribe & #MoneyTalk

It will be Fathers Day coming up, and while COVID-19 seems to be under control, it is not going anywhere just yet.

Boxing Tuesday, Opening Up and #MoneyTalk

After the long weekend will it be Boxing Tuesday in Ontario, with many stores opening up? Will there be retail mayhem? This and many other great financial opinions and discussions this week, a month into the #COVID19 lockdown.

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