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Registered Disability Savings Plan

The RDSP is the Registered Disability Savings Plan, a Canadian Government program to help disabled individuals save for their future. Depending on the disability and income level of the disabled person (or their guardians/parents) the Government will also add allowances and bursaries to the account yearly, up to a lifetime maximum.

The RDSP is a key tool for parents of children with disabilities save for their loved one’s future. Once the child’s disability has been recognized by the CRA, an RDSP can be set up to start saving for the child’s future. The government’s additions will depend on the income level of the parents, the lower the income the more allowances and bursaries are added to the savings account.

RDSP Grant Entitlement Statement 2022

Every year an RDSP holder will receive a grant entitlement statement outlining how much in grants and bonds you may receive in the year.

TD Direct Investing RDSP Deposits

Why can’t I deposit directly into my son’s RDSP account? I ask that question every year, and TD Direct Investing has a new excuse every year. This year it is due to it being a Registered account.

Changes to Disability Tax Credit

Changes to Disability Tax Credit in Budget 2021 – there are proposed changes to the #DTC which will allow for inclusion of more folks under the definition. Remains to be seen what these changes are.

RDSP Grant Entitlement Statement 2021

A yearly statement of grant entitlement is sent each year to RDSP holders to tell them how much the government will help out each year.

RDSP after DTC Lost

What happens to an RDSP holder when they lose their DTC ? After a firsty attempt the government has changed the rules in this area.

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