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Hockey Day in Canada!

“Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s hockey night today…”

Stompin’ Tom – The Hockey Song

to paraphrase a Canadian icon, Stompin Tom. Today is officially Hockey Day in Canada and there will be hockey all day long on TV. There will be less shopping and more family bonding around the old TV and watching hockey. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood is sitting around the old black and white TV with my parents watching the Canadiens play. It seemed to be the one place where we would all BE on Saturday night. Enjoy the hockey all day long folks, and remember it’s a game!!

What does this have to do with Finances? Well remember that as of January 1st, when you enroll your kids in that hockey camp, or league you get a deduction for up to $500 per child for this activity. Now that’s something to remember folks.

Stompin Tom

How am I celebrating this hallowed day in Canada, you may ask? I am driving for 1/2 an hour to sit in a Gymnasium to watch my daughter play in a basketball tournament. Remember folks, do as I SAY not as I DO!


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