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Registered Education Savings Plan

RESP or Registered Education Savings Plan is an essential program for saving for University and post-secondary school expenses.

I stopped and checked, and I have dedicated a lot of electronic ink on the subject of the Registered Education Savings Plan and specifically my “interactions” with TD and associated Universities over my daughters’ academic careers. While I used the TD Mutual funds, there are many other better ways to do this. For anyone planning on sending their children to a post-secondary school, the RESP is an essential financial tool.

This is free money folks, why you would not want to have it, is beyond me.

e-series orders rejected

TD Mutual Funds to Directline?

How hard could it be to transfer funds from a TD Mutual Fund account to a TD Directline account? Surprisingly it is not as easy as it sounds.

e-series orders rejected

Adieu TD Mutual Fund Account

TD will be removing their E-series funds from their TD Mutual Fund accounts, in the near future. It does not mean the E-series funds are done, just that you can’t trade them in a TD Mutual Fund account.

RESP: Free Money Folks

The RESP, Registered Education Savings Plan, is free money for parents who think their kids will go into post-secondary training programs. They don’t have to go to University.

When to Put Money in RRSP

When should I put money in my RRSP? A good question to ask, and here is a simple heuristic to help you figure that out. Remember that if you have an RESP or RDSP the waterfall changes or has extra steps.

RESP Only For the Rich ?

Is the RESP really only for the Rich? Stats Canada has a troubling report that seems to suggest that is actually the case. Most banks will not market this to a lower income family, so they are unaware of the Canada Learning Bond.

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