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I Love Nortel

Why I am Not Rich (the 90’s)

There are many reasons why I am not rich, but the only person to blame for this situation is me. I made mistakes, but I have learned from them too.

Why I am Not Rich (financially)

Why I am not rich financially is a question many folks ask themselves (daily). Do you need to be financially rich, is a better question.

Risks in Life (Finale)

When to sell your house or stocks is always a risky decision that most folks dread making. Sometimes the decision is made for you.

Risks in Life (Part II)

Yesterday we discussed the topic of Risk and its importance in key financial decisions in your life. Today we continue on with more examples from my life about Risk and how it played part in… Read More »Risks in Life (Part II)

Risks in Life (Part I)

Are you risk averse? Most of us, don’t like to choose Risk over Safety, but is that the way we should be thinking about money?

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