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Loyalty Card Scam

The Dangers of Automatic Reloading

The dangers of automatically reloading your loyalty cards (like Starbucks) may not be obvious, but they are there. Try not to give out your credit card numbers “willy nilly”.

Free Credit Bureau Access

Getting free credit bureau access sounds like something really great, but the reason I got it, is a really bad thing. How do these massive data-breaches keep happening?

Senior Citizen Slamming

Senior citizen slamming seems to be the new lucrative trickery that various sales outlets have adopted. This kind of flim-flammery really does upset me greatly. Simply handing a senior an unknown piece of technology, is the same as handing a child a sharp knife.

Loyalty Card Scam

Auto Loading Your Loyalty Card is a Bad Idea

The danger of setting auto-loading your loyalty card is that if it is hacked or stolen (like Starbucks) you could lose a lot of money very fast.

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