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Sunday Thoughts

It’s the Sunday of a LONG weekend here, and it is very quiet, except for the noise of my soon to die Refrigerator (when the milk freezes, you know it’s time to think about a new appliance).

Stewardship at our Church is measured in many different ways, and this week they asked me how much time I spend doing “I.T. to God” (supporting the computers) and I made a rough estimate of the number of hours I spent (which my wife claims is a gross underestimate). Why are they doing this? I think it is mostly so they can understand just how much time their volunteers put into the Church, because money is not the only gift that you can give your Church, in fact it’s only a small part of what you should be giving your Church. I like working on the computers, so for me it is a gift that pays many dividends for the giver.

Time, as I am learning, is a sparse commodity for all of us, and given all of life’s interesting things to do, if you can donate some of your time to your Church or favorite charity (and maybe some of your skills), that is a very worthwhile gift. Remember to read my postings about Bill Surfing as well to learn how to ensure you pay your Church as well as your bills in an orderly fashion.

Carnivals Past


Sunday: Stewardship

In any faith-based community, there is an important aspect that isn’t spoken about a lot and that is Monetary Stewardship (Stewardship in general comes in many forms, so let’s just worry about money for now). Many non-faith friends I have view the monetary pledges made by parishioners, or mosque or temple members as a “cash grab” and will usually tell that bad joke about throwing your money in the air, and what God wants, he’ll keep, that’s fine. All communities whether faith-based or not, need monetary support, so I have no big issue with giving to my church, and the fact that it is tax-deductible is good too. I have some friends who refuse to take the Tax break, they view this as ruining the spirit of giving, I have no such views. We are not talking about Fiscal Fasting.

If the government wants to give me money back for giving money to my church, or non-profit community organizations, who am I to argue? As long as you give with a good heart, I think taking the tax breaks is just fine.

I am going to look for Muslim and Jewish blogs today, to see what they say about giving (just for a little spiritual thrill seeking).


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