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If You Hear Hoof Beats

If you hear hoof beats, don’t think Zebras, is Occam’s razor simply explained. Sometimes the easiest explanation is the explanation for things financial.

What you Need

What you need is what you have. Life is just that simple for most of us. I know many folks that are working incredibly hard, and making lots of money, some saving it, others spending it,… Read More »What you Need

Sometimes The Problem Changes

What do you do about problem change? Financially problems change all the time, you usually need many plans, and be nimble.

Mid-Year Personal Finance Check Up (Now What)

Is it time for a mid-year personal finance check up? Are your goals for the year being reached? Can you tell? If not, might be time to do a check up.

Gone in 15 Minutes

Toys usually don’t go out of style, and they can so easily be reused and recycled either inside of families or by passing them on to friends.

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