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Did You Know the CRA Has a YouTube Account?

Indeed it does! Our friends at the CRA are working to help folks like me who don’t like reading much, by creating some very helpful videos to explain the various rules and tricks to do your Income Tax Returns. The CRA YouTube account can make your tax filing easier.

Are they really explanatory and useful videos? I think they are, they don’t go into gory details, but they are still quite useful, and they introduce the topics quite well, and make you aware of things that you might have forgotten about, or maybe didn’t even know.

I subscribe to their YouTube channel, so when they upload new videos (and they seem to be doing that often this early tax season) you get told about them as well.

Did you want to know about filing on line ? There is a video for that:

Are you a new comer to Canada, and want to learn how to file your taxes? There is an entire youtube playlist for that!

There are a bunch of other useful videos, for folks who learn better visually.

At least subscribe to their channel, that way you might even be tweek’ed by the topics they are uploading videos about.


Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

I found this interesting video idea on Youtube, and while it is an interesting wrapping idea, I am not sure I completely agree with it (at least on a larger scale, maybe for one or two gifts). It is much harder in Canada as well, because we don’t have a $1 bill any more either (if anyone knows how to use Loonies to wrap, feel free to send me the link I will gladly post it).

As is pointed out in the comments, the money used to do this interesting wrapping could buy you 10’s of feet of wrapping paper, but I also like the commenter who pointed out that this kind of wrapping paper cuts down on wrapping paper mess (folks will unwrap in a much more careful manner).

My kind of video: funny, money and the holidays! Thumbs up!


Black Friday: The Hype, the carnage but why?

Our friends at PBS have brought us a short from their Nightly Business Report on Black Friday and the insanity that is associated with the alleged “best sales of the year”.

As with most over-hyped concepts in our world, it all started out innocently enough, with some sales on the one of the already busiest shopping days of the year (since it signified to most Americans the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season), but now it has turned into a knock down, drag out, pepper spraying, lunatics have taken over the asylum type event of epic proportions.

It is no longer Black Friday any more, it is starting on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and has spread to Cyber Monday as well . People where I work had spent the whole night on-line looking for bargains (and thus didn’t come into work because they were too tired to work).

It isn’t just me is it, that thinks this whole thing has gone a bit too far?

Watch Retailers Kick Off Holiday Shopping Season Early on PBS. See more from PBS NEWSHOUR.


Congrats Mark Carney on Your New Gig!

Yup the Bank of Canada head has got a new Gig (part-time, so he’ll keep his old job (that is how to get rich, have two high paying jobs at once)). Mr. Carney was appointed Chairman of the Financial Stability Board trying to create a more stable world economy. It’s good that Mark can try to save the global economy, he seems to be doing OK with Canada, but I would warn him to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts.

Mr. Carney was also “b*tch slapped” (that is a colloquial expression about being berated in the media), by Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan ChaseĀ , which makes me like Mr. Carney that much more. Will this appointment make for interesting and exciting discussions in the financial blogosphere? As the hack writer of this TMZ-like financial blog, I can only hope.

Oh and Mr. Carney also enjoys the whole “Occupy ‘fill in the blank'” concept as well. Crooks and Liars gives us a fun little clip of Mr. Carney espousing the concepts of the Occupy folks (stick that in your pipe Mr. Dimon and smoke it).


Less Stuff Makes You Happy

Not really on topic about finances specifically, but an interesting talk from Ted about footprint, possessions and less stuff (and how much money you can save without that stuff).

I have this discussion with Michael James and other folks about how hoarding in general and the accumulation of stuff seems to be normal these days, when in fact maybe living in stark emptiness might be a better thing.

Writer and designer Graham Hill asks: Can having less stuff, in less room, lead to more happiness? He makes the case for taking up less space, and lays out three rules for editing your life.

I’d love to make room for MORE good stuff, that is for sure.


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